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Our experienced recruitment consultants exclusively recruit highly educated specialists, management staff and executives. Most of our consultants have a background in the sector in which they operate. The others have many years of experience in employment mediation. This unique combination makes us the ideal business partner for clients and highly educated candidates.

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Business cases: The starting point for every engagement

Every recruitment effort is based on a carefully prepared business case. A results-focused plan that not only includes financial implications and time schedules, but also explores the background to the requirement, project objectives in relation to business objectives, cultural aspects, complexity and feasibility. The YER Executive then applies this information to determine the most time-effective and promising follow-up measures. This enables us to find the ideal candidate for our clients while offering our professionals the best opportunity for further development and personal growth.

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We cater to every need

Our consultants will be happy to help you fill any position. Whether it is short or long-term. We prepare a solid business case prior to every assignment. This enables us to quickly find the most suitable candidate for every situation. This approach will furthermore ensure a perfect fit for your organisation.

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