We have led the market in recruitment and selection of highly qualified candidates for over 30 years. Working from our 9 Dutch, and 3 U.S. offices we have negotiated permanent or interim appointments for over 1,000 candidates. Operating at this level requires a set of key organisational qualities, such as leadership, experience and reliability.

Our recruitment professionals are all highly experienced in their own areas of expertise, and are ideally positioned to provide tailored consultancy services at management level, as well as serving as effective sparring partners to the benefit of our candidates' careers. Our approach is rooted in engagement and transparency. Each new engagement is conducted on the basis of a solid business case. Our extensive network and targeted approach allows us to guarantee the best possible match for your organisation.

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Johan Overgaauw - Managing Director of YER Nederland B.V.

"Our consultants combine extensive experience as business partners with specialist knowledge of their own fields and industries. Their approach is consistently customer-oriented and personal. Our solid track record in providing optimal matches allows us to outperform the market and expand faster than our competitors."

Meet the YER Executive recruitment consultants


Making a difference in organisations. YER Executive recruitment consultants achieve this goal by selecting and recruiting optimal candidates for our client organisations. We boast an extensive track record: our mediation efforts have helped numerous candidates take the next career step.


Our consultants are entrepreneurs, and each have their own specialised portfolio. This independence allows for creativity, offering us the freedom to adapt to any evolving issues facing our candidates and clients. The same applies to location: we are not tied to any specific region.


We operate on an exclusive basis, serving as an extension for our clients. Our thorough knowledge allows us to provide highly effective recommendations. Clients are always advised by experienced business partners dedicated to structural value creation.


We always strive to find out what drives people. This knowledge allows us to reach candidates that will both meet and exceed your expectations. Our candidates are leaders who are keen to put their talents to good use and to realise their ambitions, and who have an ongoing thirst for learning.


We have a clear grasp of the challenges facing your industry. We provide honest recommendations and have a proven track record in successful mediation. Through our solid network, recruitment and selection processes can be completed within 4 - 6 weeks.


We offer full disclosure on the selection procedure. All parties are regularly updated on the latest developments and time-lines. We offer our candidates and clients intensive supervision and provide the necessary advice to lend their careers a new impulse.


Making a difference in organisations. YER Executive recruitment consultants achieve this goal by selecting and recruiting optimal candidates for our client organisations. We will be happy to share their working methods and results with you. View our business cases and learn from our success stories.


Philip Tan - Managing Director at Polestar Capital 


"YER Executive initiated two custom recruitment procedures, helping LEF to expand its investment team in a short space of time despite the tight job market."

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We cater to every need

Our consultants will be happy to help you fill any position. Whether it is short or long-term. We prepare a solid business case prior to every assignment. This enables us to quickly find the most suitable candidate for every situation. This approach will furthermore ensure a perfect fit for your organisation.

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