Business Case - Interim Site Maintenance Manager


YER was asked to fill a Site Maintenance Manager’s position on a temporary basis due to the existing manager being on long-term sick leave. This was a senior management position with 5 direct reports and responsibility for a total of 112 employees. Given the absence of the existing manager, a number of people management issues were outstanding and the workload was high. In addition, there was absence amongst the group managers. The Maintenance department provided technical support to the various production units. There had been a major CAPEX investment and there was a strong focus on equipment performance and ROI.



The issue was complex, as it concerned a difficult case in the field of leadership and process management. The aim of the assignment was to restore calm to the organisation and to organise work processes in such a way that they functioned smoothly and efficiently for all the stakeholders involved. The Site Maintenance Manager was part of the Operations MT, had links with the operations and sales organisation and reported directly to the Director of Operations.


The top priorities for the interim manager were the workload, which was clearly noticeable, and the stress that it caused within the teams. The main thing was to listen carefully and to unravel the difficult issues. After that, acting fairly and decisively quickly helped to restore trust. The next step was to identify the features of the existing Maintenance and asset policy (the status quo) in conjunction with the teams and stakeholders. What worked well and what worked less well? Looking primarily at facts and figures allowed the direction of the maintenance policy to be re-evaluated. This change of course, in which a clear structure and process-based working predominated, was implemented and further helped build the trust, not only of the teams, but also of the stakeholders. This also provided a foundation for further improvements.


After six months, the results were clear to see; after 12 months, the new direction had been implemented and calm and trust had returned to the maintenance teams and the organisation. The implementation of leadership, a focus on preventive maintenance and good housekeeping and value-driven maintenance was in full swing, and Maintenance had also been coordinated with engineering Capex projects. The results achieved in terms of performance for equipment uptime and handover of new machinery in CAPEX projects were good. After an interim period of 18 months, the baton could confidently be handed over to the new manager, who was able to continue working on the focus areas of the department, including cost management.



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