Akzo Nobel - Interim Logistiek Project Manager



Following the departure of the logistics manager and in view of the lack of coordination with production, we were asked to find an interim manager to fill this position. The process of recruiting a permanent manager ran in parallel. The location was deemed to be High Risk (in accordance with the Major Accidents (Risks) Decree (BZRO)), so safety was high on the agenda.


To manage 16 employees (white collar as well as blue collar), and to improve efficiency and coordination between production and logistics. To make safety a priority for all employees. To streamline processes and, where possible, achieve cost savings.



The interim manager started by uniting the various teams by working in the various departments that were involved in the process. He also drew up improvement plans for the production and logistics processes with the employees concerned (using the Lean SixSigma methodology), with regard to availability of materials, communication and a clear consultation structure, amongst others.

Once the permanent Manager had been appointed, the Interim Manager was asked to stay on for a period of six months to work on projects that would significantly reduce costs.


  • combined role: full responsibility for production and logistics (cost saving of one post);
  • cost savings of at least €100,000 on storage and transport annually;
  • reorganisation of reception resulted in cost savings of 3 FTE.



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