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As part of its growth strategy, our client, a technical multinational with a turnover of €10 billion, wanted to expand its services to include financial services (including leasing). It was looking to achieve a highly competitive market position in order to meet the requirements of its clients to the full.

With this in mind, the organisation had held strategy sessions. Market research and analysis had resulted in a decision to apply for a banking licence in the Netherlands. Our client asked YER to find a director for the new financial unit, who would, on the one hand, manage the application for the banking licence, and, on the other, shape the new organisation and directly supervise six regional MDs.


YER identified competing organisations and organisations that offered the same financial services. We then identified candidates with relevant knowledge and experience.

YER ran an integrated recruitment campaign in relevant media and also inserted banners on the social media profiles of the intended target group. In addition, we started proactively approaching potential candidates.


Within 4 weeks, YER had presented a shortlist of 6 candidates, selected from a longlist of 75 individuals from various countries, including the Netherlands. The shortlist also included a candidate put forward by the client. Based on the candidates presented by us, the client invited four candidates for an interview. The client ultimately chose the candidate who had significant international management experience in the field of bespoke financial structures and who had experience of working with a banking licence and of building and accelerating the growth of business activities.



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