Attracting and appointing the ideal candidate

Professional recruitment and selection is absolutely vital to business continuity. However, what exactly does it mean and what can a recruitment and selection agency do for you?

Recruitment and selection is all about reaching and attracting suitable professionals who are then hired by businesses or other organisations via an intermediary. Recruiters are external parties that mediate throughout this process and serve as the connecting factor between client and candidate. Recruitment and selection agencies work as a sparring partner for businesses and give expert advice on how to find the perfect match.

Filling vacancies is almost always a time-consuming process and requires extensive knowledge of the job market. For this reason, many organisations hire recruitment and selection agencies to take these concerns off their hands and ensure the most suitable candidates are found. The client then decides which candidate is the most suitable match and appoints them on either a temporary or permanent basis.

Outsourcing the recruitment and selection process to an agency saves you time and money and allows you to focus entirely on your core business. Recruiters help professionals to take the next step in their careers and actively contribute to your company's success.

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How do recruitment and selection procedures work?

If you wish to engage a recruitment and selection agency in order to find the right candidate, then the first step is to start the recruitment and selection procedure. How does this work and what does the step-by-step plan look like?

During the introductory meeting, you will discuss the specifics of the job vacancy and your particular needs with the recruitment consultant. The consultant will then advise you on the nature of the desired candidate target group, for example, what fields of interest, motives and pull factors characterise this group? You will then receive a tailor-made proposal, in the form of a business case in which your recruitment and selection assignment is specified in detail.

Based on a detailed job and competence profile, the recruitment agency will subsequently formulate the job advertisement and select the correct recruitment instruments to ensure the best results. The goal is to use an integrated mix of media, search tools and a powerful network in order to reach not only active candidates, but also latent and passive candidates.

The next stage is assessment of the CVs, the candidate interviews and the reference checks. In addition to performing job interviews, the recruiter may also conduct assessments. The candidates who are most compatible with the job profile will then be presented to the client. If the right match is found, then the recruitment and selection agency will oversee the hiring process and give feedback to the other candidates.

You will be informed of the progress at each stage of the selection process, from the comprehensive intake interview to the evaluation after the candidate is hired.

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  • What are the benefits of recruitment and selection services?
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What are the benefits of recruitment and selection services?

Outsourcing recruitment and selection activities can substantially benefit your business in a variety of ways. The main reasons to work with a recruitment agency are as follows:  

  • You save time and money as you don't have to perform any recruitment activities yourself.
  • Your investment is structured clearly and transparently with a fee of around 25% of the gross annual salary.
  • You gain quick and easy access to suitable candidates.
  • The recruiter preselects the CVs and gives clear and concise feedback on the candidates.
  • Suitable candidates can be hired straight away.
  • You benefit from the agency's experience and substantial network.
  • Media campaigns ensure maximum visibility to your target group.

YER Executive focuses specifically on specialist graduate vacancies as well as managerial and executive vacancies. In addition, our consultants specialise in a wide variety of fields. This combination makes us the ideal business partner for all your recruitment needs!

For example, Veritas Petroleum Services (VPS) hired us to find candidates for a highly specialist position. The vacancy was a key position requiring knowledge of data and analytics in the shipping industry as well as the ability to switch gears at the strategic and tactical levels. Although suitable professionals were extremely scarce, our consultant was able to fill this vacancy in the short term, which immediately boosted the company's growth objectives.

Another satisfied client of ours is Polestar Capital. To expand Polestar's investment team, YER Executive devised a recruitment and selection process to attract investment professionals with extensively broad candidate profiles. Following a highly successful recruitment campaign, Polestar welcomed no less than four new employees to its ranks.

We cater to every need

Our consultants will be happy to help you fill any position. Whether it is short or long-term. We prepare a solid business case prior to every assignment. This enables us to quickly find the most suitable candidate for every situation. This approach will furthermore ensure a perfect fit for your organisation.

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