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Interim management is a temporary solution for organisations experiencing problems with staffing levels. Major changes, transitional periods or direct replacements e.g. due to growth, sackings or illness are the most frequent reasons for appointing interim managers. Many companies also engage a specialist external supervisor to assist with reorganisations.  

Interim managers reinforce organisations with specialist knowledge and provide advice and recommendations concerning strategic decisions. Businesses engage such professionals not only to perform specific management tasks, but also to take over everyday management of departments, projects or even the entire organisation. 

In short, the nature of interim management duties varies greatly and depends on the reason for the recruitment assignment and the required expertise. For example, the job description could include:

  • Managing and supporting a team for temporary or recurring projects.
  • Advising members of the management team based on analysis and research results.
  • Setting up, supervising and implementing new systems, policy lines or departments.
  • Conducting crisis, change or transition management.
  • Rapid sharing of knowledge within a certain department or within the organisation as a whole. 

Continuity is extremely important to organisations. In the event of unexpected circumstances, interim management can provide a valuable tailor-made solution.

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Why appoint an interim manager?

Do you wish to set up a special project, are you expecting a peak period or does your team require professional transition expertise? These are just some of the many reasons for hiring an interim manager.

Interim managers are often hired in urgent circumstances when clients require an external expert in order to guarantee business continuity. For example, interim managers can help you with: 

  • Peak periods caused by increasing demand, takeovers, mergers, the introduction of a new product, the start of a special programme or new legislation.
  • Transitional periods within your team due to a promotion, sacking, long-term illness, maternity leave or job vacancies that remain vacant for longer than expected.
  • Supervision of a reorganisation, substantial changes or the implementation of radical new measures.
  • Rapid sharing of knowledge within a department or within the organisation as a whole.

Together with the interim manager, you will determine the job profile, the objectives and the time frame as well as a fixed number of hours and a fee. Depending on their knowledge, experience and market conditions, interim managers' hourly rates are usually between €100 and €250. 

Interim managers are available at short notice and possess substantial experience in the discipline in question. They can enrich your organisation as they bring a refreshing new perspective and an open mind. The lack of prior history with the company also makes it easier for them to make unpopular decisions.

In a nutshell, if you need an experienced specialist to play a supervisory role on a temporary basis, then an interim manager can give your organisation a major boost.

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  • For which disciplines can you hire an interim manager?
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For which disciplines can you hire an interim manager?

Interim management can be used in a wide range of areas within your organisation. An interim manager can be found for practically all disciplines and departments within any company. Temporary marketing managers, CFOs, general managers, you name it: in all cases, an interim manager can provide the experienced specialist expertise you need to ensure business continuity.  

YER Executive provides interim solutions for every discipline throughout the Netherlands. Our experienced consultants focus exclusively on specialist managerial and executive vacancies for graduates and academics. They also have access to a huge network, possess detailed knowledge of the market and specialise in a variety of disciplines, all of which guarantees you the perfect business partner for all your recruitment needs.

Our consultants recruit and select interim managers for in the following disciplines:

  • Finance & Risk
  • Legal, Regulatory & Compliance
  • Supply Chain & Operations
  • Sales, Marketing & Communications
  • Human Resources
  • Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Real Estate
  • Sustainability
  • General Management 

YER Executive will help you determine the optimum interim solution for your organisation. We are a permanent partner of various national and international organisations and we would be very happy to explain exactly what we can do for you.

Would you like to know what type of interim managers YER Executive can currently provide? If so, view our vacancy list here. If you have any questions or require a specific vacancy to be filled, feel free to contact us for an introductory meeting with no obligations.

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